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6-Way Controller

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Le Maître - PROSTAGE 6

6-Way Controller

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Battery operated systems with 2 and 6 channels, suitable for use with both Pyroflash and ProStageeffects. A power supply is available as an optional extra. Capable of firing each channel individuallywith up to 8 effects in series over 100m. The 6-Way has an additional channel for connecting to theAir Interface when using the Electric Air Cannon.

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Product details

  • Has both bulgin and turret connections, so is suitable for Pyroflash and wired effects
  • Can be used with a mains power supply. Optional extra
  • New test facility is available when armed AND unarmed

6-Way: Each of the 6 channels can be fired individually with 50 metres of cable and up to 8 effects wired in series (48 effects). Or up to 16 effects if only one channel is to be used. It also has an additional channel for connecting to the Air Interface when using an Electric Air Cannon. 


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