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Explo - SFX Torch

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The SFX Torch is a stage effect device for manual flame bursts. With a range of about 1,5 meters, and a futuristic design, it is an "Eye Catcher" for every stage show. Multiple safety aspects, like a removable key switch, double safety buttons, and the fact that the torch can be put away without any hassle of cables getting caught, are just some of the pros of this device.

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Product details

  • The SFX Torch is held by the user in both hands and the shock-flame effect is achieved by using two buttons triggered manually. The fuel is taken from two aerosol compressed gas cans (600ml).
  • The SFX Torch has a two-stage key-operated switch, which is used to activate the device.
  • A 7-pin connector as the charger socket of the internal NiMH batteries.
  • Two handles with integrated ignition buttons serve to trigger the effect. Both buttons must be pressed simultaneously for safety reasons.
  • Two red and one green LED indicators show the status of the device (red LED) and the battery (green LED) during power operation. If the red LEDs are lit this means the device is on or if one of the two ignition buttons is (accidentally) enabled.
  • Two connectors are used for attaching aerosol pressurized gas cylinders
Effect range: 2,5 Meter
Measurements: 550 x 140 x 250mm
Weight: 3,0 kg
Power Supply: NiMH-Battery 12V
Case: Stainless steel
Safety: Key switch, 2 buttons

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