Salamander Quad Pro Flame machine 230V
Salamander Quad Pro Flame machine 230V
Salamander Quad Pro Flame machine 230V
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Salamander Quad Pro Flame machine 230V
Salamander Quad Pro Flame machine 230V
Salamander Quad Pro Flame machine 230V

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Salamander Quad Pro Flame machine 230V

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After the great success of Salamander, Le Maitre has decided to launch on the market a brand new system that is larger and more versatile than the previous one, the Salamander Quad Pro. This is in fact the most recent Le Maitre flame machine, which extends the offer of the range of this brand in this sector. The Salamander Quad Pro is equipped with a four-canister system of liquid flames, can be operated with each container fired independently, and the option to load multiple colors offers a spectacular viewing experience, truly astonishing for a single machine. The sequential firing of the canisters can also be used to increase the duration of the effect, with a maximum of 120 shots in total and each flame is capable of reaching a height of about 3.5m-4.5m. As an alternative, it is also possible to fire flames from all four canisters at the same time to reach a much bigger and higher single flame, reaching up to 6m-8.5m in height - ideal for stadiums and award ceremonies! Compared to the original Salamander configuration, this new unit also retains a number of key features and benefits including: - a unique ignition system without internal valves and accumulators, able to minimize the possibility of blockages or fluid leaks from the unit, - fluids loaded in cartridges (cylinders), which offer an ideal solution for anyone wishing to create a propane-style flame without the infamous headache, - allowing for quick, simple and secure setup at a fraction of the cost. - elimination of inconvenient external propane tanks, bulky and dangerous connecting pipes and multiple valves. The following colors are available for the flames: natural, red and green; with fuels - butane / propane (natural canisters). While, for use in environments where the use of propane is prohibited, ethanol / methanol cartridges (red and green canisters) are available, which offer an excellent safe alternative. The strengths of this Salamander Quad Pro unit are the integration of a series of safety functions, such as the tilt sensor and the continuous monitoring of the igniter. DMX controls the unit via 5 channels (Ignitor plus 4 Fire channels) and the Ignitor channel address can be set independently of the Fire channels. Compared to the original Salamander, characterized by very small dimensions of only 204x170x433 mm and, despite the housing inside of 4 tanks, the new Salamander Quad Pro has slightly larger measures of only 260x330x433 mm, therefore very compact and practical to place and transport.
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Product details

  • Four canister system
  • Up to 120 hits with propane style flame up to 4m height
  • Up to 8m single flame with all 4 canisters fired at the same time
  • Operated through DMX
  • 5 channels (Ignitor plus 4 Fire Channels)
  • Ignitor Channel Address can be set independently from fire channels
  • Simple set-up with canister convenience
  • Low maintenance
  • Safety features.
Duration Up to 30 seconds continuous use.
Power 230v; 50/60Hz; 250W; 3.15A
Size 260 x 330 x 433mm
Weight 8kg

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