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Upgrade LD2000 Intro to PRO

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Upgrade LD2000 Intro to PRO


If you desire even more power from your LD2000 software, you can upgrade between the different versions of LD2000, or upgrade to the all new BEYOND platform. LD2000 is a professional level software, used for creating the highest quality laser shows. Over the last decade, LD2000 has become the "industry standard" for professional laser show control. It is a complete system, and comes with the LD2000 software and QM2000 hardware. It is available in three levels (Intro, Basic, and Pro) and we also offer you a convenient upgrade path between these versions. About anything you want to do with laser graphics and beams, you can do it with LD2000. It also comes with 150 pre-programed laser shows, and over 300,000 laser clip art frames. LD2000 has won more awards for clients than any other laser controller on the market today. Pangolin LD-2000 INTRO: This product variant is for normal requirements. It is designed for one-projector control. If more outputcards are needed, please choose the BASIC variant. Pangolin LD-2000 BASIC: Additional functions such as simple 3D frame options and normal color configurations. Including the laser show Converter FLASH and laser show Converter 4D. Pangolin LD-2000 PROFESSIONAL: This is the top-end solution from Pangolin. Including Live PRO software, laser show Converter FLASH and laser show Converter 4D. This product-license version is designed especially for professional laser show applications. This upgrade turns your INTRO licence into a PRO licence.

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Product details

LD-2000 Software

A package of different programs for several applications in show laser range. In addition to the main program, which was specifically designed for timeline-based lasershow productions, these are, e.g., test programs and other special control options. With the various program modules and interfaces this tool is an all-round package with enormous functional range and many design options for beginners and professionals. The software runs on all Microsoft Windows operating systems (2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7). An excerpt of the software package:

  • LD-2000 - drawing and graphic program
  • Showtime - timeline-based show creation und playback program
  • Autoplay - easy to use, automatical playback program for completed laser shows, including a running text function
  • Live! - user interface for live laser operation, e.g. in discos or clubs
  • TRACE iT - image and graphics tracing program. For conversion of images and graphics from image formats to laser compatible output format.
  • Lasershow Video VST - real time video to laser converter
  • Asteroids - a laser output version of the popular classic game
  • AVS-Laser -  music visualisation plugin for WinAmp
  • more than 120 free shows and demos. 15 shows with licence free music!
  • over 300,000 laser frames and animations - including the complete Lightspeed Design Library
  • a tutorial DVD explaining the features of the software in detail

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