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GX2 12V Liquid

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Explo - GPL-12V

GX2 12V Liquid


Comprend allumage électronique avec batterie interne de 12 V, tube de liquide de 5 m, connecteur de bouteille, buses (pour carburant liquide et buses extérieures). Nécessite un système de pompage. Il n'y a plus de limites pour la création de colonnes et de boules de feu synchronisées a la musique grâce au projecteur liquide. Avec sa construction robuste, le projecteur liquide est parfaitement adapté à une utilisation en extérieur. Utilisation de combustibles liquides tels que le bioéthanol, l'alcool isopropylique ou l'isopar, en plus de l'approvisionnement normal en gaz propane / butane.

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Product details

  • Operated with the Explo master module or with the RX-1K gas, but can also be ignited with an external ignition pulse.
  • Use of liquid fuels such as bioethanol, isopropyl alcohol or isopar in addition to the usual supply of propane/butane gas.
  • The GX2 12V DMX can be controlled via the DMX protocol and synchronised with the rest of the show.
  • Optional DMX: With the optional DMX connectors, the GX2 12V can also be controlled via the DMX protocol and thus easily synchronised with other DMX compatible devices.
  • Optional AEROSOL: Aerosol adapters allow the use of 2 or 4 aerosol cartridges as fuel for the GX2. Aerosol cartridges are particularly suitable for indoor applications, since you no longer depend on the large gas bottles and the laying of a gas hose. A special indoor nozzle ensures optimum use of the cartridge contents.
  • Optional RX2-1K GAS: A further optional drive variant for the GX2 12V is the radio receiver RX2-1K gas. It allows precise ignition of the desired flame effects by means of radio control. This allows the gas projector to be installed quickly and easily in automated pyrotechnic shows.
Power Supply:  12V lead gel battery
Case:  Powder coated aluminium
Dimensions:  260 x 260 x 330mm
Weight:  6,8 Kg
Effect height:  Up to 10m
Fuel:  Isopropylalcohol, Bio-Ethanol, Isopar, Propane-/ Butane gas/Aerosol cartridges
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