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Gasprojector GX2 12V

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Explo - GX2

Gasprojector GX2 12V


Include accensione elettronica con batteria interna a 12V, tubo per il gas da 5m, 2 ugelli differenti. Non ci sono più limiti per la creazione di colonne e palle di fuoco sincronizzate alla musica grazie al gas projector. Con la sua costruzione robusta, il gas projector è perfettamente adatto per uso esterno. È possibile controllare il lanciafiamme a gas tramite il modulo Explo Master, mediante l'RX-1K Gas, o tramite un impulso di accensione esterno. In alternativa, effettuare un upgrade del lanciafiamme a gas per l'uso con DMX.


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Dettagli prodotto

  • Projector with internal electronics. Comes with an internal 12V lead acid battery, but can be integrated with a 230V power supply instead.
  • Optional DMX: With the optional DMX connectors, the GX2 12V can also be controlled via the DMX protocol and thus easily synchronized with other DMX-compatible devices.
  • Optional AEROSOL: Aerosol adapters allow the use of 2 or 4 aerosol cartridges as fuel for the GX2. Aerosol cartridges are particularly suitable for indoor applications, since you no longer depend on the large gas bottles and the laying of a gas hose. A special indoor nozzle ensures optimum use of the cartridge contents.
  • Optional RX2-1K GAS: A further optional drive variant for the GX2 12V is the radio receiver RX2-1K gas. It allows precise ignition of the desired flame effects by means of radio control. This allows the gas projector to be installed quickly and easily in automated pyrotechnic shows.
Flame height

2.5 m standard, up to 6 m (depending on the nozzle and gas cylinder)


Propane/butan gas (5.5 kg, 11 kg or 600ml canister)

Power Supply 12V battery
Gas Access

Euro-Norm, 30mm wrench size

Signal cable

3-pole screened cable with XLR plugs

Certifications CE, .VWG, VDE
Dimensions 260 x 260 x 380 mm
Weight 5.9 kg

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