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FB3QS with QuickShow Software

QuickShow est un système de contrôle laser complet comprenant à la fois le logiciel QuickShow et le matériel FB3QS. Que vous débutiez avec les lasers ou que vous soyez un professionnel chevronné, vous pouvez obtenir des résultats incroyables en quelques minutes en utilisant QuickShow. Le logiciel est doté de fonctionnalités puissantes afin que vous puissiez créer des spectacles laser «en direct» et préprogrammés plus rapidement et plus facilement que jamais. Et nos outils rapides innovants vous permettent de créer facilement des effets de faisceau laser, des graphiques, du texte, des animations, des résumés et des logos laser personnalisés. Nous incluons également près de 2 000 signaux laser préprogrammés et des centaines de magnifiques spectacles laser, absolument GRATUITS. Si vous voulez créer de superbes spectacles de lumière laser sans dépenser une fortune, alors QuickShow est la réponse.

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Product details

Laser show control, for everyone! 

Powerful, Affordable, and Easy to Use… QuickShow is the world’s leading laser show control software and has helped thousands of clients just like you, create stunning laser shows and displays. This FREE program provides all the tools you need to create beautiful laser content in just seconds (laser beams effects, graphics, logos and text). And you don’t have to worry about complex programming, to bring your laser visions to life. No matter if you are new to lasers or a seasoned professional, QuickShow brings your artistic style to life, in beautiful laser light.

Beautiful content, at your fingertips 

If you enjoy simplicity and don’t want to be bothered with programming content, you will love QuickShow. The software includes nearly 2,000 pieces of stock laser clipart, and hundreds of FREE laser shows. Simply click the cue or show you want to display, and you are up and running in seconds. 

Pangolin Cloud… It’s like iTunes for laser shows 

The innovative new Pangolin cloud provides you with a nearly infinite stream of fresh content to choose from. All easily downloaded directly within the software. Think of having your very own "iTunes" for laser shows, cues and content, built right inside the program. And as an artist, you can also create your own profile, and design your own laser shows and content to share or sell with others. (* iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.)

Quick Tools, for custom laser creations

As you grow with QuickShow, you may want to create your own laser content (such as laser beam effects, text, graphics, or laser logos). The easy to use QuickTools inside the software allow you to design this content, and bring it to life in laser.

A variety of control possibilities 

Live Control Engine: PERFORM LIVE LASER SHOWS and with ease, using QuickShow’s powerful live control engine. Colors, effects, and BPM, as well as size, position, rotation and more, can all be controlled live, in perfect sync with music.

Timeline Show Builder: QUICKSHOW offers a full suite of TIMELINE BASED PROGRAMMING tools. With simple yet powerful features, allowing you to perfectly synchronize lasers and music.

MUSIC BPM SYNC: Inside of QuickShow we have innovative BPM sync tools, perfect for live and preprogrammed laser shows. We also have a FREE plugin for the popular Virtual DJ software, great for DJs playing laser shows and music.

DMX and MIDI compatible: QUICKSHOW SOFTWARE is compatible with both DMX and MIDI. And we provide a custom profile for the popular AKAI APC MINI console, making for a truly plug and play experience.

Easily control multiple lasers: QuickShow provides our POPULAR "ZONES" FEATURE, which allows you to easily CONTROL MULTIPLE LASER PROJECTORS at the same time. Running large scale laser shows in perfect synchronization, has been made incredible simple using this tool.

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