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The Specialist FX

The Specialist FX gives you access to the world of special effects by offering a wide range of products for special effects selected from the best international brands.

With The Specialist FX you can create an unforgettable event, festival, concert, wedding, television show or film shoot. Our continuous research and over 20 years of experience in the industry allow us to offer you a great variety of innovative systems and technological solutions.

Add a little bit of your own creativity and imagination and you too can become an FX specialist!

R-5 2-Output Confetti Cannon

Mini confetti cannon, various confetti can be output to 10 meters height via safe electric shock, bringing auspiciousness and festivity to ceremony and performance.

Sparkular Sonic Boom X

As a substitute of CO2 jet, it becomes more and more popular in the market. Instead of cumbersome CO2 gas tank, it uses fog fluid as fuel. Sonic Boom X adopts pipeline integration technology to guarantee the burst time as short as 0.2s.

PL-10.000RGB with ShowNET

The Laserworld PL-10.000RGB show laser light is completely equipped with diodes and has a good white balance, with linear color fading behaviour and high visibility.


The CO2 Gun is a handheld gun that can fire white CO2 plumes. Especially useful for large dance events and small clubs alike, they are a great way to keep your audience cool.

DJ Power - X-SW1500

Similar to its brother X-SW2000, X-SW1500 mini Water-Fog Machine creates a continuous spooky low-lying fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. By using the Ultrasonic technology, the need for dry ice is eliminated.

X2 Wave Flamer DMX

The X2-Wave Flamer uses a liquid driven flame-system with moving head and includes angle blockers as standard accessory. technology within a compact and sturdy device.

Choose your effect

Find the special effect you need for your event or project from our comprehensive and updated product catalogue.

Among our flagship products you will find machines that produce spectacular flames, lingering smoke, long-lasting haze, white CO2 clouds, fascinating sparks, colourful confetti and streamers, glistening bubbles, fluffy foam and wonderful winter snow.

You will also find professional fan systems to create unforgettable effects by simply using the air, products designed to glow in the dark as well as numerous accessories and controllers to ensure everything runs smoothly.










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