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DSP compact dual
DSP compact dual
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DSP compact dual
DSP compact dual

RTI - DSP compact dual

DSP compact dual


DSP compact dual

The Laseranimation Lasergraph DSP is a powerful show control system not only for creating spectacular, pre-programmed timeline shows, but it can also be used for controlling many kinds of additional media, like DMX fixtures, video content, special effects and water effects. High professional live laser shows are often controlled with Lasergraph DSP systems, especially because high end productions require fail safe and maximum reliable control systems that are flexible in use and compatible to timecode handling (SMPTE) and remote DMX control. Major live laser shows are often controlled by several DSP systems, all connected through LAN and remotely triggered by DMX from a GrandMA or similar high pro controller. The Lasergraph DSP compact dual Mark 2 is a dual-channel system in a 19" mount unit. The Lasergraph DSP laser show control system, made by Laseranimation Sollinger, is especially designed for high professional show applications, laser shows, major events, entertainment lighting stages, live concerts, festivals, discoteques, Djs and Clubs. Lasergraph DSP systems are well established in show laser light industry. Due to the concept of decentralized show processing, the DSP systems are extremely prowerful, but do not require any special computer system for laser show progreamming, as the Lasergraph DSPis the show computer! The only software needed for programming on a DSP system is a small program that connects to the DSP via standard TCP/IP LAN connection,as the actual signal processing and all calculations are done by the Lasergraph DSP unit. This decentralized processing makes the whole show infrastructure independent of external influences, as shows can be run even without having any computer connected to the DSP, even with very complex shows with timecode handling and DMX in/out triggers. In case of a power outage, the DSP comes on again together with the power, so the show can immedialtely continue at the point it was interrupted. Besides this, the Lasergraph DSP is well known in the industry for it's great output quality, which is achieved by very powerful processors.
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Dimensions 19" rack mount, 1 HU, depth 235mm
Weight 4.3kg

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