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Explo - JET230V


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CO2 Jet 230V

The CO2-Jet 230V is an effect device, for the creation of CO2 fog effects and controlled burst of CO2 geyser effects. Designed for stage effect applications in live music festivals and concerts, clubs and discoteques, television and theater shows, fashion and sport events, corporate events, nightclubs, music venues, rental companies. The CO2 Jets create large fog plumes up to 10m. Activation of the Jet is made by use of the supply with 230V AC grid voltage. The Jet is activated, as long as it is supplied with power. Its simple design and ease of use also allows for DMX control. Thanks to its low size, and the included ground plate with fastening openings it is ideal for any type of stage show and type of fastening. The IN and OUT powerCON connectors are built in and allow to connect multiple CO2 effect devices in series, to control them simultaniously. Included 5m CO2 tube, 5m power cable and quick coupling set.
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Product details

  • Due to its handy size and the included base plate with mounting holes, it is ideally suited for any stage lift and mounting type.
  • The powerCON connections are doubled (IN and OUT) and enable the series connection of several CO2 effect devices and thus their simultaneous activation.
Power supply 230V Grid
Case Powder coated aluminium
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 100mm
Weight 1,6 Kg
Effect height 8-10m
Fuel Liquid CO2

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