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Sparkular BT06 SPARKULAR mini

Portable sparks machine equipped with DMX


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Product details

SPARKULAR mini is a portable machine, based on the well-known SPARKULAR platform, which produces cold light fountains. Extremely simple to use, it generates sparks between 2 and 3 m height. Equipped with wireless remote control (optional) and DMX control, it is ideal for parties, clubs, stages, discos, live events, cruise ships, etc.
Made of flame retardant ABS, SPARKULAR mini white is the right machine to create a phenomenal non-pyrotechnic show without the risks involved in using fireworks. One of the major problems that arise from the use of these machines is in fact due to possible burns, unpleasant smells, dirt. This does not happen with SPARKULAR mini, since thanks to the cold sparks there is no risk of burning any material should it come into contact with them. For this reason it can be used without risk even in closed environments.
SPARKULAR mini is fed with a powder, a granulated titanium-based alloy, designed and produced by Showven and contained in bags of various sizes (medium, small and large). A MINI-MEDIUM bag, recommended for this machine, contains 12 sachets of 45 g, for a duration of about 3 min each. Each sachet of powder is delivered with a card that enables its use by bringing it close to the rear sensor designed for the purpose.
SPARKULAR mini is powered by 220 V via the powerCON connector and must be preheated for about 5 minutes before use. The power is 400 W. The backlit LCD display provides a series of information on times, temperatures, DMX channels, the type of powder used, etc. The machine can also be controlled by a special remote control or by a DMX control unit/mixer which allows you to drive several SPARKULAR minis at the same time.
Last but not least: with a weight of only 4.5 kg and dimensions of 168 x 180 x 228 mm, SPARKULAR mini is also easily transportable and storable.

  • SPARKULAR mini is tailored for parties or weddings, it is portable and affordable.
  • SPARKULAR mini included a power supply with 3 m cable, 220 V
Dimensions 168 x 180 x 228 mm
Weight 4.5 kg
Effect height 2.5 m
Interface Double DMX input interfaces, double AC power interfaces
Working power 300 W
Working temperature

-10 °C to 50 °C

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