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6/24 Pyroflash Unit

Do you need a versatile and complete system with pyrotechnic effects? Do you have to launch numerous and complex fire effects in sequence? The Pyroflash 6/24 is the Controller for you, capable of "firing" a lot of combinations of pyrotechnic effects, including the famous Pyroflash and ProStage II. It is basically a 6-channel control unit that ensures a large number of combinations of special effects reliably and in complete safety. For safety sake, the control unit is equipped with a key switch. It is equipped with an integrated test system that verifies its ignition status, with intelligent monitoring that suddenly signals any faults or damage to the system, thus allowing the machine to be disabled before executing the "fire routine". The maximum range of each of the 6 channels reaches 50 meters and each channel, if selected independently, can fire up to 10 effects connected in series. Each single control unit is able to launch up to 240 effects. 6/24 Pyroflash Controller can be used in combination with Standard Pods, Variable Angle Pods, Twin Pods e Splitter Box. The use of the channel selector and a Splitter Box on each channel allow the firer to select any of the 24 channels; moreover, each of these channels can support up to 10 effects in series. It should be remembered that each channel must be activated individually. Finally, all 6 channels can be activated simultaneously with up to 5 effects connected in series on each channel. The unit is equipped with 3-pin Bulgin connectors. 6/24 Pyroflash Controller measures 310 x 200 x 80mm and weights 3kg, and it requires power 230V, 50/60Hz.
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NB: The key switch system used on all our firing systems has become obsolete so we will be changing to a new system. This will not affect any systems already supplied, and we will still be able to provide replacement keys, just not the switches. As normal, a key will be supplied with all new controllers.

Power 230V; 50/60Hz
Size 310 x 200 x 80mm
Weight 3kg
Supplied with 3-pin Bulgin connections

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