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Fake Flame

If you need a fire effect but without real flames, so as to be able to act in maximum safety, or for some prohibitions, the "Fake Flames" are the best solution. In fact, they create the illusion of real flames with non-flammable products: colored light is simply protected on a swirling screen of vapour to create a very realistic artificial flame, all accentuated if a dark or black background is used. Particularly suitable for using in theaters or other structures in which it may be too dangerous to use real flames, it creates a 1.2m wide fire effect, but more units can be assembled to create the necessary length.
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Product details

  • Cost effective: 2.5 litres Haze Fluid giving 60-80 hours of continuous operation.
  • Creates a 1.2m wide fire effect.
  • Place multiple units side-by-side to create as wide an effect as desired.
  • Best viewed against a black or dark background and with the vapour screen strip at or just above eye level.
  • Can be placed on stage or mounted flush under the stage. 
  • Power: 230V; 50/60Hz.
  • Size: 1270 x 680 x 350mm.
  • Weight: 70kg

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