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Sparkular - HC8200 MINI-LARGE

Large Composite Ti Sparkular Mini (12 bags)

HC8200 is granulated alloy which is designed and produced by SHOWVEN, used on SPARKULAR series machine to generate sparks effects. The component are metal, thus ensure the safety during transportation, storage and usage. For different application scenario the consumable for SPARKULAR divided into various sizes.
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The Confetti Maker - ECC04MC

Electric Cannon E80cm confetti Multicolour

Spectacular results with electric ignition. The electric confetti cannons are prefilled with high quality, flame retardant, colourfast slowfall confetti. Powered by a pressurized nitrogen cylinder in the lower part. 20 pieces per carton.
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Magmatic - Prisma Mini Par 20

Wash par Luminaire 7x2W UV Diode LEDs 20° Narrow Beam Angle

The PRISMA MINI PAR 20™ is an IP65 rated exterior UV wash par luminaire that produces 365nm peak true UV output with zero visible light, and an impressive 20 degree beam angle. Powered by the PRISMA DRIVER 8™, features include an adjustable mounting yoke, a durable aluminium housing, and a 9 ft (2.7m) 2-Conductor 14 Gauge IP rated power/data pigtail cable.
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Pangolin - FB4DMX

FB4 DMX with Enclosure and QuickShow Software

FB4 DMX is a network hardware from Pangolin that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for professional laser show control. FB4 DMX allows to run your laser shows in a complete network setup (using standard CAT5 or CAT6 cable). It can be also controlled by using DMX or ArtNet, and it features on-board SD card memory for automatic show playback. You...
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Le Maitre - 2948

Purehaze Fluid 4x 2,5lt

The Purehaze Fluid is the perfect liquid for the Neutron and MVS haze machines. Supplied in 4 tanks of 2.5 liters each, it is designed to intensify the beams of light, without however leaving wet or oily residues. It lasts for a long time in the air, creating the perfect atmosphere.
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DJ Power - X-5.1

CO2 Gun

Handheld CO2 Gun produces thick white atmospheric column via high pressure liquid carbon dioxide, making your show more enjoyable, and adopts quality safe design concept with the excellent workmanship. CO2 Gun’s barrel is made from aluminum, not only rust-proof but also increasing the gun quality and reducing the weight. Cool-shaped CO2 gun, easy to...
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Le Maitre - MVS HAZER 230V

MVS Haze machine 230V

MVS Hazer is the haze generator suitable for small and large venues, powerful and very versatile; it weights 12 kg and it measures 340mm x 160mm x 340mm. In fact, thanks to its two high-power, variable-speed internal fans, optimal control of the intensity, strength and direction of the generated high fog flow are guaranteed. In addition, the machine is...
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Le Maitre - 2788

MVS Bottle Carrier

Thanks to this MVS bottle carrier it is very easy to transport the bottle for the fluid: the best solution for your MVS haze machine.
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Laserworld - ILDA EXT-0.5

ILDA extension cable 0.5 m

ILDA cable 0.5m, black.
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Le Maitre - 2876

MVS Spare Tube

The MVS Spare Tube is a must-have in case something happens to the main one. With this accessory you will be 100% sure with your MVS haze machine.
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DJ Power - WP-2

Bubble Fog Machine

WP-2 bubble fog machine is the first bubble blaster from DJPOWER. It comes with patented Jet-design which makes lot of vivid bubbles filled with fog with less fog outside. The excess bubble fluid will flow to waste storage bin instead of dropping on the ground. To protect bubble fluid from getting bad and ensure high quality bubbles, bubble fluid is well...
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Sparkular - BT06

Sparkular Mini DMX (1 pc)

Sparkular Mini is tailored for party, wedding etc venue, equiped with wireless and DMX double control, makes it very simple and easy for operation. Sparkular Mini integrating technologies of mechanics, electronics, intelligent control, electro magnetics and aerodynamics from Sparkular. We listen to our customer's demands from wedding market makes...
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