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tarm tarm four

3400 mW guaranteed output power

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Tarm 4 show laser projector is a full color RGB laser system with full analog color modulation and diode-only equipment, manufactured in Germany. The guaranteed output power is specified at 3400 mW after optics. It is equipped with a red (1200 mW / 638 nm), a green (900 mW / 520 nm), and a blue (1500 mW / 450 nm) diode laser source. The benefits include 3400 mW guaranteed output power, a very fast maximum scan speed of 45kpps & ILDA 8° for graphics projection, high-precision diode arrays to provide an excellent beam divergence of less than 0.9 mrad for a low beam diameter of 3.5 mm, pure diode laser, novel method for increasing the beam precision of the single-mode diodes, beautiful colors and good color fading, very bright 638 nm single mode red. The housing of the tarm 4 is built very rugged and in a dust-proof way, so there is no air circulation inside the enclosure. This reduces maintenance efforts to a minimum. The mounting bracket allows for hanging and for upright mounting of the laser system. The tarm 4 units can be controlled with any ILDA laser control software such as Pangolin Quickshow, Pangolin Beyond, LSX, Lasergraph DSP, etc. via external ILDA interface. They also have a built-in memory with pre-set patterns, that can be easily triggered through DMX, automatic mode. Tarm 4 is suitable for demanding show laser applications and graphics projections for clubs, bars, Djs, festivals, discoteques, live shows, laser shows, rental companies and small-sized stages. It can be used by beginners as well as professionals.

  • Guaranteed power at aperture: 3400 mW
  • Power red: 1200 mW / 638 nm
  • Number of single red diodes: 6
  • Power green: 900 mW / 520 nm
  • Number of single green diodes: 1
  • Power blue: 1500 mW / 450 nm
  • Number of single blue diodes: 1
  • Beam specifications: ca. 3.5 mm / 0.9 mrad
  • Laser sources: diode
  • Laser class: 4
  • Operation modes: ILDA
  • Scanner: 45 kpps @ 8° ILDA; optional as upgrade: CT-6210H incl. Rti RayScan driver: 60 kpps @ 8° ILDA, max. 68° (@ 35 kpps)
  • Scan angle max.: 50° (@ 30 kpps)
  • Accessories: browser interface for calibration, power cable, manual, key, interlock connector
  • Power supply: 85 - 250 VAC
  • Power consumption: 320 W
  • Dimensions: 320 x 260 x 140 mm
  • Weight: 11.5 kg
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