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The Specialist FX has selected Le Maître as a top brand specialised in offering high-tech products in the professional entertainment and special effects sector. 

Le Maître produces a range of atmospheric effects such as confetti and streamer machines, flame machines, bubble machines, haze machines, smoke machines, low smoke machines, snow machines and pyrotechnic controllers.

Welcome to The Specialist FX. In this page you will find all the products of Le Maître: confetti, streamer, flame, bubble, haze, smoke, low smoke and snow effects. Less

Le Maitre - 2908

Purehaze Fluid 4x 5lt

If the result you want to achieve is a fog that remains suspended in the air for a long time and that accentuates the beams of light, the Purehaze Fluid is the right choice, the perfect liquid that does not leave oily residues. It is also a very effective solution thanks to the fact that it takes very little to create the desired atmosphere. It is a...
-18% €305.00
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Le Maitre - 2948

Purehaze Fluid 4x 2,5lt

The Purehaze Fluid is the perfect liquid for the Neutron and MVS haze machines. Supplied in 4 tanks of 2.5 liters each, it is designed to intensify the beams of light, without however leaving wet or oily residues. It lasts for a long time in the air, creating the perfect atmosphere.
-18% €171.00
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Le Maitre - 4002

Natural Fuel Cells (12x 500ml)

Refills for the Chameleon and Salamander Flame Machines, in natural colour. They create a truly unique effect, in complete safety. They are supplied in 12 refills of 500 ml each.
-17% €172.00
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Le Maitre - 2928

Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid 4x 5lt

The Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid is a liquid for the G300, G300-Smart, GF1, GF2 and GF3 smoke machines that produces a dense fog with medium hang time, white and odourless. Perfect for live events, water based and non-toxic. It is supplied in 4 tanks of 5 liters each.
-18% €98.00
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Le Maitre - 2904

Low Smoke Fluid 5lt

The Low Smoke Fluid is suitable for the smoke machines of the Freezefog Pro line, an odourless water-based mixture that leaves no oily residues. It is an absolutely non-toxic, non-irritating and safe liquid to be used anywhere. It produces a low, completely dry smoke that acts the same way as dry ice fog but without the wet residue. The 5 liters tank...
-16% €54.00
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Le Maitre - 2905

Quick Dissipating Smoke Fluid 4x 5lt

The Quick Dissipating Smoke Fluid is the ideal one for those occasions when there is a need for the smoke not to remain in the air too much, and for it to be dissipated quickly. Suitable for smoke machines of the G300, GF1, GF2, GF3 lines, it is supplied in 4 tanks of 5 liters each.
-18% €129.50
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Le Maitre - MVS HAZER 230V

MVS Haze machine 230V

MVS Hazer is the haze generator suitable for small and large venues, powerful and very versatile; it weights 12 kg and it measures 340mm x 160mm x 340mm. In fact, thanks to its two high-power, variable-speed internal fans, optimal control of the intensity, strength and direction of the generated high fog flow are guaranteed. In addition, the machine is...
-20% €1,000.00
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Le Maitre - 2788

MVS Bottle Carrier

Thanks to this MVS bottle carrier it is very easy to transport the bottle for the fluid: the best solution for your MVS haze machine.
-15% €35.20
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Le Maitre -

G300-Smart Smoke Machine 230V

Taking advantage of the already exceptional features of Le Maitre's top-of-the-range smoke machine G300, the newest G300-SMART is the innovative professional “hazer” implemented with Wi-Fi technology. So the G300-SMART is able to produce very high volumes of dense white smoke, with an absolutely solid, versatile and long-lasting structure. Thanks to the...
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Le Maitre - 1103

Variable Angled Flash Pod

The Angle Flash Pod is specially designed for Le Maitre effects such as Glitter, Confetti and Streamer. This support allows you to adjust the angle in such a way as to direct the effect as needed. The Flash Pods are designed with both 3 pin Bulgin and quick connectors, to guarantee a perfect and rapid detonation.
-16% €82.00
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Salamander Flame machine 230V

Salamander is Le Maitre's brand new fire machine that produces spectacular columns of flames or bursts in rapid sequences. Thanks to the small size (204mm x 170mm x 433mm, and 8kg) Salamander allows you to easily couple together the single units in a configuration of up to 4 pieces to produce colored or natural flames that varies in height from 4 to 6 m,...
-20% €1,060.00
Product Available


Le Maitre - GFORCE 3 DMX

GFORCE3 Smoke Machine DMX

Among the well known smoke generators based on the proven technologies of the G300, high power, continuous flow and water based, GFORCE 3 DMX Smoke Machine is the flagship model of the GFORCE range from Le Maitre. This unit is capable of producing a smoke emission of 51,000 m³/h, a feature that makes it the most powerful unit in the GFORCE range. But...
-21% €1,415.00
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Le Maitre - 1801

Pea Souper Ducting Adaptor

The Pea Souper smoke machine is equipped with a ducting adaptor, thus making the product highly usable on many occasions.
-14% €43.00
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Le Maitre - 2934

C-Beam Haze Fluid 4x 5lt

The C-Beam Haze Fluid is a water-based liquid that must be used with the G300 smoke machine in the "haze mode". The haze is capable of covering very large areas quickly. It is supplied in 4 tanks of 5 liters each.
-18% €130.00
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Le Maitre - 2876

MVS Spare Tube

The MVS Spare Tube is a must-have in case something happens to the main one. With this accessory you will be 100% sure with your MVS haze machine.
-16% €91.50
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Freezefog Pro Low smoke machine

It is really the optimum among systems of its kind, fog and smoke machines, in fact it is the first choice for use in so many different environments, such as concerts, in theaters, showrooms, on stages, television studios, clubs and amusement parks, as well as in sports competitions awards ceremonies. Thanks to the Le Maitre fog fluid, especially...
-21% €2,350.00
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Le Maitre - 1114

18V Power Supply Unit For 2/6-Way Controller

ProStage 2/6-Way Controllers are developed for using it with battery supply. As an optional you can buy this wallmart power supply for the controller.
-15% €29.70
Product not available

Le Maitre - PP100

Flash Tube Holder

There are different supports for the various Le Maitre products, which offer just as much quality and comfort: the Flash Tube Holder, for example, is an excellent very resistant and safe base that allows you to position the Flash Tube even hanging on a truss.
-16% €75.50
Product not available

Le Maitre - PROSTAGE 6

ProStage 6-Way Controller

Outdoor sets are always the most difficult, there are a lot of logitic issues, first of all, power supply. How many times you found the right spot for your safe zone, but there were not power supply for your remote controller. LeMaitre developed the ProStage 6-Way Controller with battery supply. You can fire individually all the six channels with 50...
-16% €268.00
Product not available

Le Maitre - PP103

18mm 3 Way Array Plate Mine Holder

If you need a holder that can support up to three pyrotechnic effects, Le Maitre has the solution: 18mm 3 Way Array Plate, both to be fixed on the floor and on a truss, in maximum safety.
-15% €53.00
Product not available

Le Maitre - PROSTAGE 2

ProStage 2-Way Controller

In case you do not have a power socket in the safe area where you will fire you pyro, the ProStage 2-Way Controller will save your life, because it has battery supply. This 2-way controller allows you to control individually both channels, and you can also wire 8 effects for channel in series (16 in case you use only one channel). This controller is...
-16% €210.00
Product not available

Le Maitre - 1117

One Shot Pyro Controller

The fastest and easiest system for controlling your pyrotechnic effects: One Shot Pyro Controller is the portable and compact pyrotechnic ignition system (it measures 160 x 36 x 74mm and it weighs only 250 grams), capable of firing a a maximum of 2 ignitors in series. The One Shot Pyro Controller is equipped with an fire button, a continuity test LED and...
-16% €178.00
Product not available

Le Maitre - 1120

6/24 Pyroflash Unit

Do you need a versatile and complete system with pyrotechnic effects? Do you have to launch numerous and complex fire effects in sequence? The Pyroflash 6/24 is the Controller for you, capable of "firing" a lot of combinations of pyrotechnic effects, including the famous Pyroflash and ProStage II. It is basically a 6-channel control unit that ensures a...
-18% €568.00
Product not available

Le Maitre - PP107

18mm 60 Degree Mine Holder

The 18 mm support for your pyrotechnic effects, which allows you to tilt them 60 degrees in maximum safety. A perfect solution to use your effects with Le Maitre certified quality supports.
-15% €30.80
Product not available

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