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Le Maitre - Microfog


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Microfog Aerosol Machine 230V

MicroFog derives its technology from the Genesis range of smoke machines and, thanks to its substantial simplicity typical of aerosol units, it is easy to operate and therefore ensures very intuitive functions. Moreover safety, strenght, reliability and economy are the excellences of the MicroFog. This is the ideal smoke machine for live shows, mobile DJs, schools and small environments, able to create an effective dense fog effect with very low purchase and management costs. A special water-based smoke fluid container is available for fog production. The single canister allows combined smoke output for up to 4 minutes and 40 seconds. MicroFog is easily and completely repairable at a good price, thanks to the fact that for each component is available its spare part. It can operate without power up to a maximum of 20 minutes and, for safety sake, it is equipped with a fail-safe electronic and mechanical temperature sensor. It can produce a maximum smoke volume of 12,800 m³/hour.
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Product details

  • Single canister provides 4 minutes 40 seconds of combined smoke time
  • Can be used off the power supply for up to 20 minutes
  • Electronic temperature sensor and mechanical fail-safe
  • Smoke output of 12.800 m³/hr
  • Size: 400 x 220 x 180mm
  • Weight: 6.5kg (without canister)
  • Power: 230V; 50/60Hz; 1.1kw; 5A

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